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Updated 26 September 2004

Simcity  v1.7p Runs on some OS5 units, including TH55.

        Simcity can run fullscreen on the TH55!! You will need the copy of simcity from above, and follow these instructions from a helpful guest at              

     Direct quote from the guest's post:

OK this is a difficult one for those who know how to use rsrcedit, but it is how ever fun and you will love the results! I know I did.

1. Open Simcity in RsrcEdit
2. Locate Frm2000, and select "Open".
3. Locate Gadget2008, select "Open", note the "Top", "Width", "Hieght" and "Left", copy these values down on a paper.
4.Click "OK"
5. Select "Gadget2008"
6.Pop up the "Menu", Use the Menu Button on your palm.
7. Select "Edit" then "Delete".
8. Do step 6 again, but then you select New, then Field
9. The values you copied down from Step 3. Input those values to the corrosponding "fields" labeled "width", "hieght", "top" and "left"
10. ID should be guess....2008
11. Press OK
12. repeat steps 1 thru 11 for Gadget2010(the ID will be 2010)
13. When done Select "OK" then "Done"
14. Exit RsrcEdit

Settings for codediver:

code diver settings:
*app name- simcity
*click on virtualsilk (2nd from bottom, i believe)
*only mess with the top three spots- 1.force 2.long 3.long
*that's all (well, make sure code diver is on and don't delete. you can delete rsceditor, though)