Sony Clie

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Updated 17 January 2019, and still alive as of January 2019!! If I'm still paying for this domain name, you can assume I'm still alive :P It's not on autopay...

In the above links you can find a lot useful stuff for Sony's Clie line of PDAs. In the Drivers pages, you can find original Sony Clie drivers, manuals, PC applications, and games. In the Download pages you can find programs that are hard to find but very useful, mostly for TH55 and UX40/50 users. At the Forums, you can find (hopefully) excellent help with a variety of problems you might encounter with your Clie. There are step-by-step guides to setting up wifi hotsyncing and installing the original hotsync drivers. If you just want to chat about your Clie, feel free to visit. Finally, in the Links section, there is a list of websites that I feel are relevant to the Clie.

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