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All of the Sony Clie drivers and installation CDs and various other large files are available for free download from's FTP site. Access to the site is free but you must email one of the admins for the login information. Email Micah at  We request that you email us for access in order for us to keep moderate control on the bandwidth. We don't intend to use your email address for anything other than replying with the login information.

Please remember to use a good email address, make sure your inbox is not full, and that we are allowed in through your spam filter. Many of our emails get bounced back as bad addresses or rejected as spam. (please see Note 5)

To buy an actual disc: Please visit ebay and search for your model. I used to sell them but I could not keep up with demand well enough to keep people satisfied.

Note 2: The files are in an iso format. If you've never used an iso before, please visit one of these helpful pages:

Note 3: For those of you who don't know how to use FTP, read this thread:
and then download an FTP client such as Filezilla or SmartFTP. Each of these websites also have tutorials.

Note 5: If your email service requires us to jump through hoops to avoid your service's spam filter, you will not be receiving an email back from us. Seriously, if your service is dumb enough to not automatically accept a reply from an email address you just sent an email to, then you need to get a new service. With the number of FTP access requests we get per day, we don't have time to 'click here and here and here to prove we are not a spammer'.

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Please send comments, complaints, or report errors to Micah at

Drivers Credits:  Special thanks to Cerberus for about half of these discs, Scott for the SJ22 & TJ37 discs, Lindale for the SJ33 disc, JAmerican for the WiFi MS disc, Roger for the N610C disc, and many other clie users who provided me with other discs.