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Software for TH55
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Please, be sure to backup your clie data to a memorystick before installing any of the apps from other clies. There is a small (but significant enough to mention) chance that you will have to do a hard reset after installing one of these apps. Also, backing up to your PC via hotsync often will NOT restore your clie to its original state prior to the installation of one of these apps. A memorystick backup using MSBackup (or a some other credible backup program such as BackupBuddy or FlyBackup) is the only way to ensure that you have a complete backup.
Movie Recorder  v1.3 from the UX-50. Works great! Install it via Hotsync or copy it from your memorystick to internal ram. To date (9 months and running), there have been no verifiable reports of problems when using this program on the TH55.
Photo Editor  v1.0 from the UX-50. Instructions for installing this software: Copy the three files from the archive to your memorystick. Inside Clie Files on the TH55, copy the three files to internal RAM. Overwrite if prompted, but if you receive an error, you need to use a program such as Filez to uncheck the read-only attribute of that file that is in the RAM. Then try to copy the files from the memorystick again. I apologize that I cannot be more detailed than this at the moment. I installed this app many months ago and am going from memory. (If anyone can provide better instructions, they would be appreciated.
Avx MQTParser from the UX-50. With this file, you can play movies converted with Image Converter for High Plus Quality (impossible with the original version file included with the TH55) Warning: This file sometimes results in all camera apps becoming corrupted and may cause video playback via Movie Player to cease to function. If this happens, delete AVX MQTParser and install it again. I have not yet heard of anyone who had this problem a second time.
ICPrefs Handy PC program that lets you customize Sony's Image Converter's video settings. Only works with Image Converter v1.1.
ChangeName  This handy program allows you to change, or set, you pda's username without hotsyncing it. This is especially handy if you have to hard reset and you don't have a computer (or a backup) nearby. You can also visit the author's website here.
Simcity  v1.7p Runs on some OS5 units, including TH55. Simcity can run fullscreen on the TH55!! Follow the directions on this page.


Software from the TH55

NetFront3  v3.1 Revision: 2.0.22(eng) from the TH55.
Palm Desktop for Clie  This is Sony's version of Palm Desktop. It has been reported that this version of Palm Desktop which came on the TH55 driver disc works with ALL Clies.
Image Converter 1.1 Excellent program for converting videos and images to Clie-compatible formats.
Image Converter 1.5 Newer and better than v1.1. You will need either an original Sony Clie Drivers disc inserted into your CD-ROM when you install this, or download this file: upgradeIC15.iso (64kb) and either burn it to a CD or mount it as a virtual drive. Either way, the IC 1.5 installer will recognize it as an original driver disc and proceed with the download.
Clie Organizer ROM files  from the TH55. There are three versions available, with v1.0.2 being the latest one from Sony. You might be able to get this application to work on the UX clies with these files. Instructions can be found here. Download:   v1.0.0   v1.0.1   v1.0.2